The one face cream that helps
reduce the redness of rosacea.

ROSACURE is a cosmetic anti-redness face cream which has been specially formulated for rosacea-prone skin and originates from Italy, where it is called Synchrorose.
This product has been on the Italian market for several of years where it has seen success in reducing the appearance of redness associated with rosacea-prone skin.

ROSACURE is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and fragrance free. This cream should be applied twice a day and does not interfere with any current medication being taken for rosacea (e.g. Metronidazole). Visible benefits from ROSACURE occur over time. Continuous use has been shown to reduce facial redness. ROSACURE should be used twice daily for 4-6 weeks before you will see a decrease in visible facial redness.

How does it work?

 ROSACURE’s combination of ingredients work together to help reduce facial redness. Its key ingredients, Silymarin (Lady’s Thistle Extract) is a bioflavonoid, vitamin E which provides antioxidant activity, and hyaluronic acid which provides hydration to the skin, are all contained in an oleosome delivery system. This delivery system has been developed to release the key ingredients slowly, thereby delivering their benefits over a longer period of time.

ROSACURE is available at Calgary Vein And Laser.

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Source: ROSACURE brochure and Canderm Pharma Inc. Website

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